Ahcene Bendjoudi
Ing, PhD,

Full-time researcher at CERIST Research Center, Algiers, Algeria.


    • Member of the team (UbiSys) Ubiquitus Systems, DTISI, CERIST.
    • Member of the local coordinatig team of the project (ERANETMED).

Main research interests

My research interests focus on:
    • High Performance Computing & Parallel Optimization
        • GPU Computing/Multi-core programming
        • Grid/Cluster and P2P - Computing
        • Parallel algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization
    • Big Graphs
        • Framworks and HPC Platforms for Big Graphs
        • Big Graphs Partitioning
        • Big Graphs Querying
    • Smart Cities
        • Dynamic Route Planning
        • Smart Mobility
        • Disaster Management

Short biography

I am a full-time researcher at the CERIST research center within DTISI laboratory in Algiers since 2012. I am the founder and the head of the Parallel Computing and Applications CAPA Team and responsible of High Performance Computing platform (IBNBADIS) since september 2013. Prior to that, I was research assistant at CERIST.
I received my Master and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University Abderrahmane Mira of Bejaia, Algeria, and the engineering degree in Computer Science from the High School of Computer Science (ESI), Algiers, Algeria. During my PhD, I was intern at the LIFL laboratory, Lille, France, for 18 months and I was working under the supervision of Prof. El-Ghazali TALBI and Prof. Nouredine MELAB in the field of grid-based B&B algorithms. My research interests include mainly parallel optimization, multi-core/GPU-Computing, Big Graphs and Road Routing in Smart Cities.








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